End of the Line


I take irregular exercise by walking along the River Foyle that runs through my town. The old Foyle Valley Railway once followed the same path now used by cyclists and walkers, and some of the track still remains. This image was taken with my mobile’s camera during one of my morning walks and shows what is basically the end of the line, where the old tracks terminate about 5 km outside of Derry.


Photography Resources for the Beginner

I’m relatively new to photography and like many I try to pick up hints along the way. It’s never easy, at least for me, learning on your own. After all, while experimentation and practice are essential to learning any skill, it is comforting to be able to pick up a book or come across an article in a magazine or on-line that cuts through to the chase and actually explains, for example, what exposure is or how does depth-of-field actually work. Then when you go out into the field armed with your camera, your experiments become all that more enjoyable. You begin to understand, for instance, the effects of dialing up or down the shutter speed and why those changes do what they do.

Every Wednesday I will be posting a link to a site or article that I have found useful in understanding photography. I hope that these resources will provide others who are just starting out in photography with helpful information and advice and help them to be more comfortable the next time they pick up their camera.

DIYPhotography is a photography blog by Udi Tirosh that focuses primarily on creating low-cost alternatives to what can be quite expensive photographic lighting equipment. But DIYPhotography also contains a wealth of information on photographic techniques, whether you are setting up a home studio to creative lighting techniques, down to what for me at this stage in my development, the bare bones of photography. DIYPhotography’s Back to Basics series breaks down the the fundamentals of exposure into bite-size chunks, making what can be a tricky subject easier to understand.

Hello world!

Hello everyone! I have just moved here from Blogger and brought my old posts with me so that you can get some idea of what my blog is about. I made the decision to move my blog because I find that Word Press offers more useful features. You might have noticed that my posts at my old blog are not that regular. I’ve been hard pressed to find the time to get online, let along post on a regular basis. Fingers crossed I am able to devote more time to both my blog and my photography. Oh yes, I’m still working on that photo gallery!


I’m currently in the process of creating an online photo gallery where I will post more of my photos similar to those in this blog. When completed, I’ll let you know where to find it, so if you like the photos that you find here, please check it out!

Green Castle Ruins

A view from below Green Castle showing two of the corner towers.

Green Castle Ruins

The ruins of Green Castle (aka Northburg Castle) lie on the side of the main road running through Greencastle, Co. Donegal, and next to a new housing estate currently under construction. But while this doesn’t provide the most romantic environment to view these wonderful ruins from afar, it is easy to walk into and explore the remains of the castle itself. Getting close up and even inside some of the towers it is easy to see just how large and important this castle was to the region.

Green Castle was originally built by Richard de Burgh (The Red Earl of Ulster) in 1305 as part of his efforts to counter the influences of the O’Dohertys and O’Donnells in the Northwest of Ulster as well as to provide protection from Scottish attacks.

This photo is just one of a series I will be posting of the Green Castle Ruins.

Forgotten Tack

Wandering around a derelict farm in Co. Donegal, something hanging up in an outbuilding caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was an old saddle and tack left behind when the building was abandoned.